Wednesday, December 28, 2011

52 Photos Project / Week Thirty Six

I can hardly believe that it is week 36 already
and that this is the last post
of 2011!

I have enjoyed participating in this project since it began.
I have grown as a photographer and have
gained courage in posting my work.
It is a scary thing to put your stuff out there!
There are some pretty amazing photographers in this group,
each one encourages the other.
Bella Cirovic has done an awesome job creating
this photography adventure!
Thanks Bella, I know it takes an amazing
amount of energy to pull this off each week for us.
I am inspired by what my eyes take in 
week after week!

This week's challenge is entitled:

"What will you welcome in 2012"
"What will you leave behind in 2011"


I took my time with both of these and this
is what I came up with.
I have been playing with a photo app
for my new Iphone called Word Foto, 
so I used my own
pictures from 2011 and added my own text!
Hope you will like what you see!

Photo One:
I carry with me . . . 
openess  quiet  growth  new  writing  calm

Photo Two:
I will leave behind . . . 
negativity  doubt  fear  restlessness
(qualities I don't like to see in myself)

That's it!
My words explain exactly where I am
at the ending of 2011.
This new year is going to be filled with possibility!
I am anxious to get it started!

Thank you for your supporting words on my blog
this past year,
your friendship has meant the world to me!
I wish you blessings and peace.


  1. How creative! I love both of your photos and the intentions they carry. I wish for you to feel all of these good things in 2012 and to leave behind all of the others.

    Sending you so much love, my friend. You are a light in my life and I am so thankful for you!!!

  2. Love this Donna. I'm so happy that you've been with me every step of the way with 52 Photos. Your growing and blossoming as a photographer, I love watching it all unfold. xoxo

  3. I love your post. Photo #1 is outstanding.

  4. hm...that's a good one. what will i leave behind (i like your idea of doubt!) and what will i welcome. i'm going to think on that for a few days until the new year rings in.

  5. awesome job with this prompt! i love your word creations.

  6. I love this, and the idea of thinking of the new year, as the year of possibilities... yay! :)

  7. Love it and have a great 2012 and I know we will get lots of art done this year, you propably more than me but hey that is good. Happy Art my friend.


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