Sunday, April 15, 2012

Poetry on a Sunday Morning

Stepping forward
(of course with hot pink shoes)

I have been in love with my Poem It Out E course . . . haven't done much painting lately,
 just reading, writing and absorbing the beauty and the magic of words.
How wonderfully perfect to be taking this course with Liz Lamoreux during April,
 since it is National Poetry Month.
I encourage you to re-visit poetry
if you haven't been with it in awhile.
I have loved writing for so very long
the yearning to write is always
tucked way deep inside. 

So I decided just to share a small poem of mine with you this morning . . .
this beautiful Sunday morning . . . 

Writing Poetry

Thoughts from my heart
spilled on to the page,
scary and cleansing
both rolled into one.
Putting pen to the page
writing freely from my heart,
no holding back
no holding back.
I find myself at peace
with myself being here,
the words continue to come
they say to me . . .
you are safe here
you are treasured here
you are loved here.
I think I will stay here
for awhile.

Donna Lee


  1. I love seeing your words on the page. What a beautiful thing! xoxo

  2. I envy you , wish i could write too Donna, thank you for sharing you beautiful poem with us. I just keep on painting the beauty found in the very ordinary things surroundign us

  3. Donna..thank you so much for sharing your self and your words..


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