Wednesday, April 18, 2012

52 Photos Project . . . The Golden Hour

Last night's clouds before sunset!

This is our final week of 52 Photos Project
and I wanted to make this my blog post for the week!
What an amazing experience it has been!
I purchased my Canon Rebel T1i
just one year ago on Ebay 
(my first ever Ebay purchase)
 and I couldn't wait
to jump into taking photos.
I had the pleasure of first meeting Bella
at Squam by the Sea
the fall of 2010
and I had been reading about her
photo project online,
I decided that was exactly what
I needed to do.

This 52 Photos Project with
has taught me so much!
Each week we had a theme,
we were to try to capture a photo with that them
from our everyday lives.
She had interviews, stories and so much
inspiration to guide us along.
She did an amazing job
and I tried to be as faithful as I could.
You can see some of my 
52 photos on my Flicker site
I got 45 out of 52 . . .  
Not too bad
for a new photographer.

So the last theme for this week's project was
"The Golden Hour"
that beautiful time as the sun
is setting
before it disappears.
I reached into my photos taken
this past year and decided to share some with you.
The sun setting is so beautiful.

Bella is starting her next 52 Photos Project next week!
I am jumping right in,
won't you consider joining us??

I took this photo in the Outer Banks a few weeks ago
on the sound side in Duck

Took this photo just before sunset in Corolla, NC

Another cloud photo in my own 
Virginia Beach Oceanfront
one evening

Sunset on the Beach in the OBX
It doesn't get any more beautiful than this!

My favorite of all photos
At Serendipity Retreat
October 2011

This is the photo I am most proud of
I think I am getting the hang of it


  1. It certainly sounds like you have had enjoyed your year of taking pictures....I am sure you have lots of beautiful pictures to show for your efforts...

    The ones you shared above are beautiful....such pretty skies....

  2. I am a huge fan of sky watching. This morning even, on my way to work at dawn, I pulled over, rolled down my window, and took a cell phone photo of the sunrise!! It was golden and made me relax and stop to enjoy a gift, a moment... Your photos have been so enjoyable and beautiful! Thank you for sharing them, and congratulations on a year long job very well done!! hugs, Kathy

  3. magnificent photos, glad you're enjoying your Rebel!


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