Saturday, May 11, 2013

A Poetry Moment

Imagine when . . .

Imagine when life doesn't have to hurt anymore
   and suffering doesn't have to exist

Imagine when there are no longer fears
   and we are free to walk this life no longer afraid

Imagine when there is a cure for Cancer
   and those who suffered before helped toward the cure

Imagine when evil goes far far away
   and little boys and girls can just be little children at play

Imagine when countries could all get along
   for there will no longer be a need for guns and heavy artillery

Imagine when there are no longer social injustices
   where we can look at others as just our fellow man and brother

Imagine when the world is at peace
   and you wake up each day celebrating the gift of your life

Imagine when your hidden dreams can all come true
   for our dreams are what carry us along our life's beautiful way

Imagine when . . .

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