Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Why I love Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival

I can't remember the first Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival
that I attended
I only know that it was at least 25 years ago!
This year the festival celebrated
it's 40th Anniversary
and it didn't disappoint!

It is so worth the travel time to get there.
It is located in West Friendship, MD
about 5 hours from my home
in Virginia Beach.
This year I was able to attend with
my best friend in life . . . Minna!

This was her second year attending
and I love experiencing this festival
with new eyes!

There are so many wonderful barns
full of yarn vendors,
knitting and spinning supplies,
demonstrations and artwork,
and stunning hand crafted items.
Thousands of people pass through the fairground
during this traditional
"First Weekend in May"

My favorite part of all is the
time I spend with the sheep.
Barn after barn with
hundreds of sheep breeds on display.

Here I watercolor sketch them,
take pics of them 
and of course
love on them.
You can view my entire
photo collection on my
flicker site here . . . 

I bought some wonderful fibers

I loved on the sheep

Got to see weaving again on a loom

Yes and I ate a Lamb Taco!

Reconnected with the sheep

Purchased wool for spinning and felting

Took unusual photos (A shepherds brush)

Watched shearing

... and a sheep to shawl event

I came home renewed, restored
and totally in love with the idea of
why I became a fiber artist
so many years ago!
Maryland Sheep and Wool
instills such an appreciation of hard work,
 shepherding and the fiber arts.
(Amazing work is being done out there!)

From seeing the sheep on display, 
to watching the sheep dog trials, 
to the spinning and knitting, 
to hearing folk music being played 
all over the fairgrounds
I will never forget this weekend.

I certainly bought plenty of
one of a kind fibers
to get me through till the
next first weekend in May!
I can hardly wait to get there again!


  1. Beautiful! I think I'd like to go to this next year (since I'm knitting now!). Keep me posted & in mind when it happens again. xo

  2. I am so sorry we didn't connect... I did call you... no answer! I realized as I read this, I began going in 1991... that was a long time ago... haven't missed a year yet, though some years I just go for the inspiration, like this year. All I got was a shirt, and then I came home and spent a wonderful evening working on my wheel and spinning last years fiber!


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