Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Collaboration . . .

My finished Zendala

Heather's finished Zendala

I discovered Heather Cox
through this wonderful internet world of ours.
We participate in a lot of the same projects
and then I discovered her
beautiful Zendala artwork,
I was drawn to her beautiful style
and her presence as an artist.
I then visited her beautiful blog
and her amazing artwork
can be found here
in her own Etsy shop.

I realized that her style and mine
were quite similar
for creating our Zendalas.
We are always encouraging
each other's work.
I was struck with the thought
of how wonderful it would be
if we collaborated together
on a Zendala.

I reached out to Heather
and she immediately responded
with a lovely
"Yes, let's do this!" 
We decided on a size of 5 x 7
We would each paint 
a background of our own choice
(I chose the new Twinkling H2O's)
and then begin drawing
the Zendala,
then we would mail to each other
and finish the work!
It would then be ours to keep.

Here is my journey . . . 

I was excited when my package arrived from Heather
I was couldn't wait to begin

 Just beginning the process

 So hard to decide where to take it

 It slowly began to evolve for me

how I love the creative process!

I enjoyed the creation of this piece so much
and now I have a keepsake to always remember.
Thank you Heather for saying YES!
Her blog post about this experience
can be found right over here

There have been so many wonderful 
friendships that have come my way in life.
I must say the friends of mine who share 
a love of art
are simply the best!

Try collaborating a piece of your own artwork,
(whatever that might be)
with someone else.
You will gain a new perspective
and have something to treasure for a long time!
I know I sure will.


  1. Beautiful! I've been enjoying both of your zendala's on instagram!

  2. Donna it was soooooo much fun! Thank you so much for having this brilliant idea and reaching out to me. I'm so glad you did. I love our finished pieces and I loved the whole process. You rock. :)


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