Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Finding My Way to a Poem

Inside the Atrium at Moca

Last night I participated in an Open Mic Night
at the amazing Museum of Contemporary Art
here in Virginia Beach

It was a summer celebration of the Arts
with Poetry, Interpretive Dance, Comedy, Guitar Music and Art!
It was a perfect Tuesday Evening.

The tables were covered in
brown wrapping paper
and a bowl full of crayons was provided
(always nurturing the artist within us)
So to calm myself before my poem reading
I created a small Zendala!
They are truly a part of me now.

My precious friends Jack and Judith
 (taking in all the poetry they heard)
they have been my writing mentors,
my poetry cheerleaders,
my friends in the written world.
How I value their encouragement in my life.
Even their gentle nudges and pushes
to step out there with my writing even more!

Writing is a huge part of my life.
Poetry is an even stronger force.
It is who I am,
It is where I want to express
my truest self,
I am in love with the writing life!

So I decided to share my poem with you today!
I have many Poetry moments here on my blog,
today is even more special
sharing what I read out loud last night.

Finding My Way to a Poem

Life moments come
I choose not to forget
Experiences of where I have been
My pen finds it way to the page
For here ... here on the page
they seek refuge and meaning

They don't often rhyme
my sentences you know
but they have their own
kinda rhythm and flow

I write for myself
and sometimes I share
to kindred hearts like mine
who are willing to hear me
just finding my way to a poem
(this poem was written on Summer Solstice 2013)

I encourage you to step out of your
comfort zone
try something new,
meet new people,
expand your horizons,
for there is a beautiful and artistic world 
out there 
just waiting for YOU to explore!

Donna Lee


  1. I love this. As I read your poem I pictured you so bravely standing there reading it out loud. Wahoo! I am so proud of you and love watching your poet self emerge. xoxo

  2. You are truly an inspiration. I have not visited you in a while...just due to a very busy time...but coming back and reading your latest posts, were like visiting an old, dear friend. I am so touched by your thoughtful words, poetry and brave, adventurous, kind spirit! Your birthday post brought tears to my eyes....I am not sure why exactly but I think it's because your goodness just shines so bright. I know I don't know you 'in person' but am so happy to call you a kindred spirit and friend. xokp


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