Monday, September 9, 2013

Today I Will Write

A writing affirmation

I have always been in love
with the writing process.
I love words,
I collect them,
I breathe them in,
always wanted to put pen to the page!

Recently I had the pleasure
of taking a writing course at our
local writing center
The Muse
in Norfolk, Virginia.

It was my first visit there
and I wanted to see what all the
happy comments I had been hearing
were all about!
It was a Saturday morning
workshop entitled
"Creative Lab"
It certainly sounded 
like it was just for me!

I learned so many wonderful brainstorming ideas,
inspirations and activities
to spark the creativity inside of me.
I learned also how to apply
the ideas to my artwork as well!
How much fun it is to sit around
a large table with eight creatives
and brainstorm together
about the creative process.

I took away with me a wealth of resources,
ideas, creative exercises and handouts
to pour through
over and over again.

What I learned also reinforced
within me
that I am getting it right!

Some of the information I had heard before,
maybe presented differently
but with the same message.
I knew I was already applying what I had learned,
this was reinforcing those creative lessons!
That is a really good affirmation!

It is good to step out of your comfort zone
and try something totally new!
I have always leaned toward art classes
and learning a new art technique.
Coming to the Muse
(love that title!)
was a totally first time great experience.
One of my classmates was a student
in my first
Artful Spirit Workshop
talk about a small world!

We are all connected in this
beautiful world of ours,
through poetry, through words,
through art and learning,
through internet and social media,
it's all there
if only we will see.

Try something new!
Look for opportunities
to stretch your creative wings just a bit!
Get out there and share your own talents
with others,
see where it will lead you!

Donna Lee

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  1. So glad you enjoyed this class and you got the affirmation you were on the right track. Tackling new things can be alittle intimidating but I agree with you it's good to stretch ourselves and leave that comfort zone once in a while...

    I am taking two art journaling classes right now and finding the time to do both of them has become a challenge.....


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