Monday, September 2, 2013

Woven Thoughts of Mine

 A Meditative Process

It feels as though I have been a weaver for my whole life.
When my son Curt was not even a year old,
(he is now thirty three!)
I remember taking him to my mother's house
so I could take a two hour weaving class,
for six weeks.
I fell in love with the process then
and I still love it today
all these years later.

I think that weaving is such a gentle art,
I even named my Blog Title
"Gentle Threads"
because I believed in the magic of weaving,
the intertwining of fibers,
creating a beautiful cloth.
I wanted the title to reflect my life.

My loom prepared for weaving

Now it means even more to me,
I relate it to the creative process,
whatever medium I choose,
and how to live my life.
You see I believe you and I weave our lives
 in and out day after day ...
in the relationships we are building,
in family love, how we treat mankind,
with our talents, our wants and desires.
We are constantly weaving with
our hearts and the process it takes
us to get where we are going.

I weave with words
when I am creating my Poetry,
I weave with pictures
when I am capturing an image
in my photography,
I weave love and attention to detail
as I take care of my
optical patients,
I weave with romance
when loving my husband,
I weave with love and care
when watching over
my four children,
I weave magic into my art,
creating beauty along the way.

The view from my loom bench ... inspiration everywhere!

For you see I have realized that 
weaving is a part of my life and yours,
we are weaving something
each and every day.
It doesn't have to be with fibers!

I am lucky to take it a step further
and create woven cloth
at my loom
my constant companion
for oh so very long,
it's where my best thoughts come to me,
it is truly where the magic happens.

A view from the back of the loom

So just pause for a moment,
and think about exactly what it is
that you are weaving in your life today.
Is it love and compassion,
or worry and strife?
I sure hope it is all the good stuff,
cause anything else would be a waste,
You can do this!


  1. Donna, what a wonderful post and it's so full of wisdom and so full of your heart. You really have so many gifts but one is the way you are able to put words together...What a blessing.....

    I learned to weave about 28 years ago, bought a Baby Wolf and loved it but didn't have a good place for my loom and got very busy with other stuff and eventually stopped...I did buy a smaller loom a few years back but still having a problem fitting it into all the other things I like to do... You are so right about the relaxing and wonderful reflection time when weaving...I love that aspect but I have to tell you I didn't like the process of dressing the loom. It took so much time and I guess I am just an inpatient person....It seems when I visit you I always want to go back and work on what you are doing as I have tried most everything....

    I really don't know how you get so much done, working full time, family, etc...You must be an expect at managing your time....

    Love you girlfriend....

  2. you even weave goodness into your posts. love it and you!


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