Monday, December 9, 2013

Our Next Artful Spirit Workshop

Community of Creative Spirit

I am so excited to announce our next 

artful spirit gathering!  

suzan and I have planned 

a spectacular creative day 

january 25, 2014 

I wanted to share with you 

here on my blog


We are a collaboration between two creative spirits: Donna Wynn and Suzan Thompson.


Join us for some creative fun that will deepen your sense of self,
opening your heart and mind to the flow of your own artful spirit.

Play and Create With
An Artful Spirit

Donna Z. Wynn & Suzan Thompson

Saturday, January 25, 2014  from 9am to 5pm
Only $99 for an art-filled, spirit-infused playful day!
in Virginia Beach

Needing a transfusion of play and creativity to rejuvenate your life?

Want to connect with others and feed YOUR artful spirit? 

We’ve planned another 4 mini-workshops for this one-day retreat:
* Painted Papers *
* A Taste of Zentangle *
(Donna is now a certified Zentangle Teacher!)
* Artful Affirmations *
* Art Card Collage *
(This one will be taught by guest artist Michal Mahgerefteh!)

Just $99 for the whole day!!!
Includes materials (what a BARGAIN!!!)

Register soon!
(Spaces are limited to 8 Artful Spirits)

P.S. We'd like to create community in this retreat-style workshop by sharing lunch. Will you bring a dish and join us?

2014 Is off to a great creative start
I am excited about where my art is leading me
Just click on the link above for full details
Wouldn't this be a great gift idea to give yourself?
Hope to see you there!

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  1. Oh my goodness...I love this and so wish that I could be there. Hooray for you two. You are creating such magic in your community.

    I am so proud of you dear donna!


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