Saturday, December 14, 2013

Holiday Wishes

image taken from my own little personal tree

Dear Readers . . .  Friends:

I just wanted to take the time
to wish you
a most beautiful holiday!

This is such a busy time of year
for all of us
I didn't want to forget
to take the time
to let you know
what you mean to me!

Thank you for jumping over here
from time to time
and hearing what I have to say
No words can express my appreciation!
Keeping a blog can be "heart hurting" at times!
It takes a lot to put yourself out there to the universe
It is nice to be heard and so
lovingly supported.

I wish you peace
during this holiday season ...
remember to pause and breathe
I wish you love and comfort
with your family and friends ...
remember to embrace
the ones you love
I wish you contentment
in your life ...
remember to cherish where you are
right here and right now
I wish you creativity ...
find the time to have fun
and be with your creative self
I wish you gratefulness ...
look back and see how you 
have been truly blessed
I wish you anticipation ...
look forward to where
your life is now leading you

Happy Holidays
Be Joyous
Be Happy
Be Loving
Be Gracious

These are my holiday wishes for YOU!

Donna Lee

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  1. I enjoy your blog! Have a wonderful Christmas and a happier New Year! Sending hugs!


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