Thursday, January 2, 2014

My 2014 Word for the Year


It certainly took me awhile to come up with 
my 2014 word 
I had been writing words down for weeks
trying to decide which was the perfect one for me
as of New Years Eve
the list was growing
but nothing was sounding perfect!

I truly sat quietly a few minutes before midnight,
soft music playing
fireplace going
candlelight gleaming
hubby already asleep
(for he was duck hunting the next day)
I suddenly heard an inner whisper
soft but assuring
It wasn't even on my list of words!
Yet there it was ... the perfect word for my new year

Intentional meaning ...
done in a way that is planned or intended
made, given or done with full awareness
 of what one is doing
deliberate, straightforward, 
done by design

YES that is the perfect word for me
looking forward to the adventure
this new year brings!
I am ready to leave this past year behind.
One thing for sure is that I want
to be more regular with my blog postings
this year
Since I am off now on Wednesdays,
that seems to be the perfect
Blog writing day for me!
See you soon

May your new year be filled with 
Wonder and Amazement
and the gift of contentment in all things
I wish you love and peace

Donna Lee


  1. Thank you for sharing and reminding me about using a word. I am a big believer of setting intentions!

  2. Loving your word. Wishing you everything you wish for me. xooxo


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