Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Favorite images of 2013

As I look back on 2013,  I realized I captured so many
beautiful life moments
with my camera in hand.
I loved participating in 52 Photos Project as well,
it continues to teach me to always look at life
with a photographer's eye.

Believe me ... it took me awhile 
to actually call myself
"A Photographer"
and actually believe it!

Here are some random photos,
favorite moments I captured
this year that mean
the world to me.
Hard to narrow them down to just these.
So many yummy life moments happened!
I am sharing openly with YOU!
It was a good 2013
full of growth, new experiences
and I became a
grand mommy for the first time!

Just how far I had come in photography

I am always seeking stillness

My word for 2013 on the back of a truck

Me and Patti ... Grandmoms to be

Fall inspirational words

52 Photos Project Prompt ... Polka Dots

Three Wynn girls at Thanksgiving

Uncle Ronald playing guitar

Sheep photo from the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival

My surfer boys

Time to play in Corolla

Creating artwork after the death of a friend

Sending Peace from the Glacier Mountains

Poppy Love in Canada

Sit with me awhile

Artful Spirit Retreat

Birthday fun on the beach

Birthday bowling fun

Me and my honey in the Outer Banks

Holding my grand daughter for the first time

My future little artist Annabelle

Spending time with Maya Stein and Amy Tingle

Serendipity Retreat Wishes

  Grand Daddy holding his Annabelle

How I love baby toes

Greeting me at Zentangle Seminar this fall

Staying at the Hotel Providence

I got Elizabeth all to my self for a little while

Life is full of yummy moments

Building altar in Glacier Mountains

How I love my name Donna Lee

Annabelle holding onto me

I hope that you will take the time
to reflect on all the blessings of your
very own 2013!
So many moments,
experiences, words written,
new lessons learned.
times of happiness and sorrow.
All wrapped up into 2013
and on to a new year.

I wish you love and peace,
time of precious moments with your family,
time for creativity
and most of all
a desire to be creative within you,
where ever that creative path leads you.
Follow it,
take some chances
and grow beyond measure!

See you here in 2014

Love to you,
Donna Lee


  1. Oh Donna, such lovely photos!! I love your smile, as I can see the love shining through. Here's to a wonderful 2014! xoxo

  2. Oh how I love seeing these images of all the beauty that unfolded for you in 2013. Lovely, so lovely. Sending you so much love as you walk into 2014.


  3. sending love for 2014 & hoping it's off to a fabulous start for you, dear friend Donna! You always inspire me and make me feel happy. I love your word fo this year. xo


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