Saturday, March 27, 2010

Woven Thoughts...Renewal of Spirit

Life can throw us many curves, more than we want sometimes. For the past three years of my life I have been care taking my parents from illness and then death. First my precious daddy from the dreaded disease Lung Cancer and then soon after my mother with a two year battle with Dementia. I only bring this up because while in the process of care taking; I realized that I lost a part of myself. My creative spirit was crushed. Spending time at my loom or knitting delicious socks or even holding a watercolor brush in my hand was put aside. Put aside for a worthy reason, loving my parents because the needed me so much.

I believe with my whole heart that as an artist; a fiber artist first and foremost, the need to create comes from within. When creative times are put aside or stripped from us, we become restless, hollow and dry. I truly didn't realize what was happening to my inner creative self while I was going through it. I kept pressing on each day doing what I had to do; never dreaming my artistic self was drying up. The desire to create anything was gone; it was a slow process, but it was there.

It has been five months now since my mother has passed and the yearning to create again is slowly returning. To have the time to sit at my loom and hold the fibers within my fingers and actually thread the loom is an amazing sensation! I had forgotten or put it aside to deal with what was before me . I now had the time, but needed to figure out how to get back into time alone with my art. Trying not to judge myself or be critical of the process. I have a long way to go!!

When an artist is able to create and I believe in any medium; it is a renewal of the creative spirit. The inner feeling of WOW is refreshing. I am just starting to enjoy the process of creating again. I ask myself, "Donna, where did you go"? I look forward to each new day, what will I create, what will I learn and what will I be able to share?

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